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A complete GPS solution For a safe fleet and safe driving

Make your teams’ daily lives safer with ORCA by Geothentic, the most effective safety management solution to reduce the rate and frequency of work-related accidents.

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Main features


Overspeed alarm

The GPS system instantly alerts the driver and his manager with audible alarms when speeding. Ideal for immediate safety on the road and on the job site!


Engine cut-off

When a vehicle is in idle mode, Geothentic's patented engine cut-off is automatically activated after a pre-determined delay. This will limit unnecessary expenses and premature wear of your vehicles!


Access control

The access of your vehicles is controlled through the identification of the driver. Each user has specific access according to his training and driver's license. This allows you to have total control over the use of your rolling stock and to ensure that only accredited drivers drive your vehicles.


Electronic logbook

FMCSA and Quebec regulation compliant, the electronic logbook, accessible from your smartphone or tablet, allows you to easily record your movements.


Electronic circle check

Go digital for your inspection reports! Check the mechanical compliance and condition of your vehicles through an easy-to-use application.


Preventive maintenance

Our security management software informs you when maintenance is required on your vehicles. You can rely on it for better predictive management to reduce repair costs and accidents on the road.

Main benefits

Reduction of workplace accidents

Reduction of workplace accidents

With its multiple prevention features and driver accountability, Geothentic maximizes the safety of your employees on the road, on job sites and elsewhere. Everything is put in place for increased protection on a daily basis!

Significant fuel savings

Significant fuel savings

You can reduce your fuel bill by up to 10% by improving your driving habits. Discover the performance indicators that will help you save money and maximize safety on the road!

Increase the life of your vehicles

Increase the life of your vehicles

Thanks to eco-driving, automatic engine cut-off and sound maintenance management, Geothentic allows you to increase the life of your vehicles. This represents a real economic advantage and for the well-being of your employees.

Reduction of GHGs


Geothentic's patented engine cut-off helps your field teams to be more environmentally friendly. It automatically engages and shuts down the engine after a pre-determined delay when a vehicle is running unnecessarily.

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Our safety management solution does more for you.

A flexible and customized solution

Geothentic offers a solution tailored to your industry to enhance safety and reduce workplace accidents.