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GPS system Plug and Play

Discover the best GPS vehicle tracking device ready to use. G-OBD2 by Geothentic is the easiest way to track a vehicle. Just plug the device into the vehicle’s OBD2 or J1939 port and you’re set!

Installation Benefits Package Shipping

The GPS tracking system quick and easy to install

With its cellular device ready to connect to the OBD2 or J1939 port, our GPS-based corporate vehicle tracking system is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, consultants, and contractors throughout Quebec.

No technician required Plug it in yourself
Installation in 5 minutes Only 3 steps

A GPS system with concrete benefits


Electronic Lockout
Device (ELD)

Ensure compliance with laws and regulations regarding ELD and hours of service. Gain efficiency by eliminating paper in favor of electronic and connected management.



Simplify the tracking of your representatives' and employees' trips! With Geothentic's G-OBD2, you keep control of your mileage to simplify your expense accounts and customer billing.



Increase your productivity and customer satisfaction with a Plug and Play GPS vehicle tracking system that does more for you. A powerful tool to maximize the costs related to the use of your company vehicles!

A package that covers everything

Including what you need
Web platform
Web platform
GPS device
GPS device
Connection to OBD2 or J1939 port
Connection to OBD2 or J1939 port
Hosting your data
Hosting your data
Cellular connectivity
Cellular connectivity
Geothentic - GOBD2

Shipped in 24 business hours

Go proactive now with our business vehicle tracking system designed here for here. Geothentic is committed to sending you your Plug and Play starter kit within 24 business hours to take your business to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the G-OBD2 car GPS system work?

It's very easy! When you receive the G-OBD2 module, simply plug it into your vehicle's OBD2 or J1939 socket, then log into your interface to start tracking your vehicle.

How do I know if the G-OBD2 module is plugged in?

You will see it connected on your platform.

Are all vehicles compatible with G-OBD2 Plug and Play GPS?

Yes, all vehicles are compatible with Geothentic's G-OBD2 Plug and Play GPS system.

The G-OBD2 module is sufficient for use on a pick-up vehicle.

An adapter will be provided for use on a heavy vehicle (J1939 plug).

How do I know if my vehicle has an OBD2 or J1939 plug?

Pick-up and light vehicles are equipped with an OBD2 port. It is a rectangular plug, which is usually located near the left foot of the driver's side.

Heavy vehicles are usually equipped with a J1939 plug. This round plug is located near the driver's seat of the vehicle.

In all cases, the Geothentic team will ask you to indicate the make, model, and year of the vehicle, in order to send you the appropriate equipment.

How to install the G-OBD2 GPS module?

Watch this simple and efficient video that demonstrates how to install a Geothentic G-OBD2 GPS module in 30 seconds.

The strength of our GPS tracker and our service

Durable and guaranteed product Durable and guaranteed product

Geothentic offers you a reliable and precise geolocation system with the guarantee of quality service.

Designed for the Quebec winter Designed for the Quebec winter

No worries in case of extreme cold: our GPS system for cars and machinery is made from electronic components that can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.

Local customer service Local customer service

Our Quebec-based team offers support in French and English. Whatever the size of your business, we are always there!


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